Month: July 2019

Mortgage Apartment Sale: Risks and Step-By-Step Process


     Not every buyer has the opportunity to purchase their apartment for cash. Most often, he resorts to borrowed funds. Naturally, sellers are interested in the risks of selling a mortgage apartment, how not to be left without real estate and without money. The sequence of the implementation of the apartment mortgage   The […]

Advantages of paying a mortgage loan with “double installments”


I have a friend who has been dreaming of having the bonus money to “indulge in” a couple of years. He always makes a list of the things he would buy, and this is what bothers me, it’s always the same list. Yesterday, I said: Then, why don’t you renegotiate your credit at just simple […]

The points that many forget when buying vehicle insurance


Whether your car is new or old, it never ceases to be exposed to accidents and the same goes for your finances. Regardless of the age of your car, an accident will end up costing you a lot in repairs and damages to third parties, seriously affecting your budget. However, this can be avoided by […]