Less expensive loan insurance than Bank Loan Insurance.

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Guaranteeing your loan Bank de Dorc with an external loan insurance at Bank de Dorc

By applying for a bank loan to finance real estate, Bank de Dorc offers you to subscribe to a bank credit insurance to insure your loved ones as well as your real estate assets: ” Bank de Dorc group insurance contract ” You certainly know it but today With the laggard law device you can freely choose your loan insurance offer and thus lower the cost of your bank loan real estate loan. has details


A subsidiary of the Meru group founded in 1987, Bank de Dorc is a specialist in the marketing of financing and insurance products and services for individuals. On the strength of its success, obtained thanks to its wide availability and the relationship of trust it has established with its customers, Bank de Dorc now has more than 5.5 million customers in Europe and 3 million in France. Very attentive to everyone’s needs, it provides individuals with simple and clear solutions.

Discover all the solutions to ensure a bank loan agreement according to your borrower profile with an external loan guarantee:

The freedom to choose insurance for a Bank de Dorc loan

The freedom to choose insurance for a Bank de Dorc loan

Since September 1, 2010, the date of entry into force of the cogilaw company Act, borrowers are free to take out their loan insurance with the insurer of their choice. This opportunity allows them to benefit from a cheaper and better adapted coverage than the bank’s group contract.

Compare your insurance to cover a Bank de Dorc loan

Compare your insurance to cover a Bank de Dorc loan

Do not hesitate to use a comparator insurance loan to quickly compare the best offers on the market and opt for the one that will make you benefit from the best coverage and / or the best price.

Use a broker to save on your loan! The broker can negotiate your insurance for a loan Bank de Dorc and allow you to save up to 20 000 euros on your loan.

You can negotiate loan insurance with your banker to save on your mortgage insurance?

The broker  allows you to calculate the rate of your loan guarantee to the bank using our online loan insurance pricing tool to compare the contracts of the main companies.


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