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To negative – Since beginning the publications in this blog, the search for loans for negatives hits all the records , does not even have to say why. After 9 years on the air, little has changed in the modality, only now it is even bigger. It must be because of the crisis that is installed in the vast majority of commercial segments in the country ..

In earlier times, it was even possible to actually get a ” negative loan ” from a number of financial institutions, which even went bankrupt, were extinguished or simply no longer interested in this type of credit because the risk was very high, so interest on these loans without consultation SPC and Serasa could not be below 22%. Today you find it from 11% to 16%.

For negative

negative credit score

But … who searches for a loan with name with restriction, dirty name or as it is well-known popularly “for negative”? They are usually granted to citizens who are already in default, have failed to pay their financial commitments and have therefore been included in credit protection agencies.

In almost every financial transaction, there is a prior consultation with these CPF bodies and the name of the person who will apply for the loan. When searched by the financial institution, and found that it has some negative record sent by companies, stores or other financial institutions, the criteria change.

When the query returns positive to the negative, 98 in 100 institution will deny the loan, the few that still release the credit, will approve it, however, the interest charged by each real loan can reach 27%.

As I said earlier, the difficulty in the current days for this type of loan, the to negatives is almost a rarity. It is not worth under any circumstances to pay interest above what the market normally charges for non-paying people. The business is so serious that the cost in a financially well-known all over Brazil is more expensive than any barter door joker.

To refuse to clear the name

Is it possible to get loan to negative to clear the name of Serasa and SPC? In Brazil, the economically active citizen can find three types of credit that lend money even to the person being denied, but the applicant must fit in with the prerequisites and credit policies that the categories demand.

Interest rates are infinitely lower than the traditional personal loan from 8.9% to 14.5%, usually costing the borrower’s pockets around 1% to 3.5% of interest per month.

Who can get a loan to be denied?

Who can get a loan to be denied?

1) INSS : INSS authorizes some types of Pensions and Pensioners to make discounted loans. Military, Civil Servants and Civil Servants from all walks of life, as authorized by the agency can also do so. For these classes, the release occurs through payroll-deductible loans, where the debt of the installments for repayment of the loan is directly linked to the payroll or to the benefit of the applicant.

2) PROPERTY : People who need fast money and own property and taken away without any onus, can opt for real estate refinancing, in this operation, the borrower offers the Well, ie your property as collateral for the loan, even he being negative.

3) VEHICLE : today most people own vehicle, if it is totally removed and free from alienation, it is also possible to obtain a loan, in which case the “vehicle refinancing” is triggered, placing the vehicle as collateral for the loan requested .

4) PRIVATE COMPANY : one of the modalities that has also grown in the country at great strides is the private payroll, in this case the salaried employees of a company agreed to the banks and financial institutions, can request a loan even if they have a dirty name, negatived

Modalities of loans to the negatives

loans to the negatives

In the 2 and 3 options it is necessary to check with the bank or financial if being under the name with restriction prevents or not the operation, some institutions do not accept negative for these modalities cited. Other lending modalities for deniers other than those mentioned here have very high interest rates or are not legally acceptable, so they are not recommended.

Lisaloaners makes a loan even though it is negative, this institution has become well known for offering this type of credit to clients from all over Brazil with problems in Serasa and SPC, and for advertising their advertisements in the prime time. Contrary to what many people think, Lisaloaners Digital does not make a payroll loan, it only makes an unsecured loan without consultation.

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